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Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act


Emergency Action Plan and Return to Play Requirements

  1. 1.Each school’s program should include a medical return-to-play/practice protocol for postconcussion return to play or practice.

  1. 2.School’s are to be reminded that any athlete exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with concussion should be removed from play or practice immediately and should not be returned the same day. The student-athlete may not return on a subsequent day until the student-athlete is evaluated by and receives written clearance by a medical provider trained in concussion management as outlined in the law.

Each school should have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place that is:

  1. 1.In writing,

  2. 2.Distributed to all personnel,

  3. 3.Posted conspicuously at all venues,

  4. 4.Reviewed and rehearsed by all licensed athletic trainers (LAT), first responders, coaches, school nurses, athletic directors, and volunteers for extracurricular athletic activities, and

  5. 5.The EAP must be reviewed by an athletic trainer licensed (LAT) in North Carolina. If you are a LAT in North Carolina, you can review your own protocol. To have your plan reviewed by a LAT, in the event you school does not have one, please send the EAP to

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